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Injured While Riding a Moped in Omaha?

Nebraska law §60-637 defines a moped as a bicycle with operative pedals with a motor, transmission, and brakes. The motor must not exceed 50 ccs, and the moped must be designed for travel no faster than 30 miles per hour.

Moped Laws in Nebraska: A Brief Outline

  • Mopeds do not require a title or registration and are allowed on public roads if the rider follows the rules of the road, and the pedals are not removed.
  • If the pedals are removed, the moped is legally considered an off-road vehicle, restricted for only private property.
  • You cannot ride a moped on a highway without a valid operator’s license and are subject to the laws for other vehicles. You cannot carry any package, bundle, or another item that interferes with your ability to keep both hands on the handlebars. If you carry a passenger, the moped must have footrests.
  • A moped rider is entitled to use any traffic lane with a speed limit of 45 mph or less. Lane-splitting is prohibited, and the moped cannot travel faster than 30 mph.

Common Types of Moped Accidents

The risk of being injured while riding on a moped is high; an impact can lead to serious physical harm, from minor injuries to loss of life, due to the lack of rider protection. The most common types of wrecks include:

Compensation for a Moped Accident Step-by-Step

If you or a loved one was injured while riding a moped, the main concern is health and recovery. However, the legal issues of the case must not be neglected, as with time, vital evidence may be lost or destroyed. It is imperative to get help from a qualified, experienced auto accident attorney to manage the legal matters for you. These may include:

  • An expert medical assessment is made to determine the full scope of the injuries, the predicted recovery time, and the need for long-term medical care.
  • An insurance claim is filed with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and your own insurance company.
  • An evaluation of compensation to seek for the pain and suffering and other non-economic damages.
  • A lawsuit may be filed when a settlement cannot be achieved.

Types of Injuries – Moped Crashes in Omaha

When a moped collides with a vehicle, it can cause devastating injuries, some so severe that they prove to be fatal. Some of the common types of moped accident injuries include:

Wrongful Death and Moped Accidents

When a moped collides with another vehicle, the injuries could prove to be fatal. The moped rider is unprotected, thrown onto the roadway, and may sustain additional injuries from other vehicles. The impact can be so extreme that the person dies. In these cases, the close family has the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation and justice. A negligent driver must be held accountable for their actions, and these cases allow for the close family to recover financial compensation if the impact was the result of negligent driving conduct.

Your Omaha Moped Injury Case

If you or someone you love was seriously injured while riding a moped in Omaha, you need the assistance of an attorney with experience, dedication, and a record for achieving high-value settlements and verdicts. At Bottlinger Law L.L.C., every client is treated with dignity, respect, and personal attention. We pursue justice and full compensation for our clients and offer a free case consultation. Call us today at (402) 505-8234 today.

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