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Distracted drivers are a hazard on the road. Not only are they a danger to themselves, but they are also a danger to everyone else out there. Improvements in technology, particularly phones, have only created more opportunities for distraction while driving. A few seconds of taking one's eyes off the road can be all it takes for a serious - potentially fatal - collision to occur.

The results of a distracted driving crash can include major property damage, serious injuries, and emotional trauma to the victims. If you or a loved one has been hit by a distracted driver, take action against him or her. Call an Omaha car accident lawyer at Bottlinger Law L.L.C. at (402) 505-8234. Our legal team can protect your rights and fight to get you compensation from the person at fault for the crash.

What Are the Dangers of Distractions?

As people grow comfortable with years of driving experience, they often forget that they are in control of a large, powerful, heavy piece of machinery traveling at high speeds. Distractions create opportunities for a collision in a split second. Consider looking at a text message, for example.

On average, a person who looks at a text message takes his or her eyes off the road for five seconds. While traveling at only 45mph, a vehicle goes about 100 yards in that time. This means that looking at a text is the same as putting on a blindfold and driving on a freeway for the length of a football field. No reasonable person would do this, yet people look at their phones while driving all the time.

What Are Common Distractions for Drivers?

  • Daydreaming: As frightening as it may be, the most common distraction that causes vehicle collisions is daydreaming. As people become comfortable driving, they are more likely to lose focus and start thinking about other things while on the road. Lack of focus can reduce reaction times and easily cause a serious wreck.
  • Phones: Between texting and talking, mobile phones are a growing distraction in the U.S. Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous and many states are moving to make it illegal. Talking on the phone, even hands-free, is a major distraction that can take a driver's focus away from the road and result in a crash.
  • Other Devices: Believe it or not, some people actually use a tablet while driving in a car. This can offer even greater distractions than a phone, as these devices have larger screens to view. Looking at videos while driving or trying to play a game is incredibly reckless.
  • In-Car Distractions: Distractions from within a vehicle are quite common. This can include eating in the car or making adjustments to the radio, cooling, heat, or other dials on the dashboard. Talking to and listening to passengers is also a big distraction, especially kids, who can be very loud and demand attention from the driver.
  • External Distractions: This can include accidents or people on the side of the road, as well as signs or other objects. External distractions are not quite as prevalent as those inside a car, but are no less dangerous.

Hit by a Distracted Driver in Omaha? We Can Help.

Crashes caused by distracted drivers can be devastating, possibly resulting in serious property damage and major medical expenses for the victim. If you or someone you love has been hit by a distracted driver in Omaha, call us at Bottlinger Law L.L.C. at (402) 505-8234. We offer a free consultation to talk about your options. Do not sign anything or speak with any insurance company without making sure your rights are protected.

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