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Omaha is a beautiful city located next to the Missouri river and is a prime spot for golf courses. The only issue that comes with golf courses is golf cart accidents. Because of their slow speeds, you may think golf cart accidents rarely occur and do not cause serious injury. This is a common misconception.

Golf carts are dangerous, especially when being driven on roads used by other vehicles and occur at an alarming rate. Unlike cars, golf carts don’t have the necessary safety precautions to prevent serious injury. With a lack of doors, drivers and passengers are offered little protection. Research conducted between 1990 and 2006 found that just under 150,000 injuries were caused by a golf cart accident and that 69% of these accidents resulted in life-changing head injuries.

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How Do Accidents Occur?

Many golf cart accidents occur due to negligence. Drivers may be distracted or not properly following traffic rules or conditions, resulting in an accident. These drivers may be at the wheel of another golf cart or a car. Commonly, if the negligent driver is in a car, they most often fail to see golf carts at intersections or may attempt to overtake a golf cart, causing an accident.

Frequently, when participants engage in a round of golf, they will have a few social drinks. It is common for people not to realize the impact that a few drinks can have while driving a golf cart, but just like driving a car, exceeding the alcohol limit can cause serious injury. If a driver of a golf cart was found to be intoxicated and which resulted in an accident, then they will be liable.

Not every accident results from negligence on the driver's part; the cart itself may be at fault. A golf cart that has not been maintained properly and has not had adequate checks may cause an accident. Additionally, even if there has been proper maintenance, the golf cart can malfunction. Often the brakes or the steering are at fault in these situations, so it is a good idea to test these before going on the road.

Who Is Liable?

When making a claim to recover compensation for your injuries, you need to know who is liable and whether you can be compensated. So who may be liable for your accident?

  • The driver
  • The country club
  • The golf course operator
  • The manufacturer

Who Can Seek Compensation?

Once a liable party has been recognized, the next step in the inquiry is to determine who can be compensated. Whether a person can be compensated or not depends on the circumstances of the accident. Those that can claim compensation include:

  • Pedestrians hit by golf carts
  • Passengers in golf carts
  • Drivers of golf carts hit by cars
  • Drivers of malfunctioning golf carts
  • The owner of the golf cart

What Compensation Can You Get?

  • Medical expenses - if you are injured in a golf cart accident, you may be able to be compensated for all your medical bills as a result of the accident.
  • Lost income - often, an injured person will have to cease working when accidents occur. Therefore, any income that they lose as a result may be compensated.
  • Emotional damages - it is possible to receive compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment etc. because of the accident.
  • Property damage - you may be able to claim compensation for damage to your golf cart, personal items, or any other property damaged during the accident.

Why Do You Need to Hire an Omaha Injury Lawyer?

First and foremost, a Omaha car accident lawyer can determine the liability of a party and your likelihood of getting compensation. But beyond that, an attorney will investigate the golf cart accident, consult witnesses, gather evidence, and communicate with the liable party, their lawyers, and possibly insurance companies.

By hiring a lawyer, you will be able to focus on healing from your injuries as they will work to ensure they get the best result for you in your situation. Call (402) 505-8234 to leave your case in the hands of the trusted attorneys of Bottlinger Law L.L.C. who will fight for what you deserve.

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