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Legal Representation After a Motorized Bike Accident in Omaha

Traffic continues to be a huge problem in Omaha. A recent traffic report revealed street congestion in the city is three times higher during rush hour, elevating the risks to cyclists who share the road. Commuters rushing to work, or home may speed, drive distracted, or drive in a manner that poses a risk to cyclists on motorized bikes, with tragic consequences.

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When a moving vehicle collides with a cyclist on a motorized bike, the collision may leave the rider with severe injuries that require hospitalization, surgery, and a long and difficult recovery. Some cyclists are so badly injured that a full recovery is not possible, and face the challenges of a lifetime of physical, mental, or emotional impairments. To hold the negligent driver responsible, a claim or lawsuit can be filed to pursue justice and compensation for all damages, both financial and personal.

Motorized Bikers' Rights on the Road

The Nebraska DOT has issued a “Bicycle Guide,” outlining the rules of the road for cyclists in the state. They advise cyclists to ride as close to the right side of the roadway unless passing, making a left turn, traveling at the speed of moving traffic, or if the road is too narrow to ride next to a vehicle safely. Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicle operators. They are not allowed to operate a bike on interstate highways or freeways in Nebraska. While traveling on an allowed highway, cyclists are required to ride single file.

Driver Negligence and Motorized Bike Accidents

Motorized bike accidents are most often caused by driver negligence. Some of the most common driving conduct that can lead to a serious or fatal motorized bike crash include:

Where do Motorized Bike Accidents Occur?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that most bicycle accidents occur in urban areas. Most of these accidents occur at intersections, where large trucks, drivers, and cyclists converge.

Motorized Bikes Accident Injuries

A motorized bike may pose a greater risk of serious injury than a bicycle. These injuries can include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back or neck injury
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Internal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Back injury

Despite their increasing popularity, e-bikes have a higher risk of severe injuries than collisions involving unpowered bikes. News outlet Reuters reports e-bike riders are more likely to suffer internal injuries requiring hospitalization.

Compensation in Motorized Bike Collision Cases

If the collision was caused by negligent driving conduct, the cyclist has the right to seek compensation by filing a claim or lawsuit. In cases of serious injury, the cyclist may be unable to work for a long period, may be left with disabilities, or require long term medical care. A claim or lawsuit can be filed to seek the following types of compensation:

  • Economic damages: The cost of medical care, lost income from work now and estimated for the future, reduced earning capacity, cost of rehabilitation, nursing care, medication, medical devices, and all other hard costs.
  • Non-economic damages: Pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, disfigurement, emotional anguish, and other personal, mental, and emotional losses.

Involved in a Motorized Bike Accident in Omaha?

If you were involved in a motorized bike accident in Omaha, under Nebraska's statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the date of the injury collision, after which the individual loses the right to seek compensation by bringing a lawsuit. This four-year period may appear to be plenty of time, but factually, all evidence supporting the claim should be gathered and preserved as early as possible. Eyewitnesses may be harder to locate, or memories of what they observed fade. Critical relevant evidence could be lost or destroyed. The earlier a personal injury attorney gets involved in a case, the better the outcome could be.

Working with an experienced Omaha motorized bike accident attorney can ensure you meet all filing deadlines, obtain and preserve all supporting evidence, interview witnesses, and work with medical experts, financial experts, accident reconstruction experts and others as needed.

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