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Holding Negligent Bus Operators Liable for Your Trauma

Whether you get to work on a local Omaha Metro bus, place your kids on a school bus, or your church charters a private bus, you trust that these vehicles will be driven safely. These large, powerful vehicles require drivers to have proper training, credentials, and experience. A single mistake, such as glancing at a cell phone or taking a turn too sharply, can cause a catastrophic bus crash.

Both passengers and other drivers may be eligible for compensation after a bus wreck, but you will first need to determine who caused your injuries. To do that, you will want to sit down with an experienced Omaha bus accident attorney. At Bottlinger Law L.L.C., our legal team offers a free consultation to explain your options after a collision. To get started, call our office at (402) 505-8234.

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The Dangers for Passengers, Pedestrians, and Other Drivers

Given that buses transport passengers rather than normal cargo, both the state and federal government hold these vehicles and their drivers to a higher standard. Drivers must be extra careful when passengers are aboard to ensure both their safety and other drivers’. If a bus collides with another car or piece of property, the passengers may be able to file a claim against the bus company if they were injured.

In general, however, buses are better designed to absorb the impact of a crash and protect passengers compared to other vehicles. School buses, for example, lack seatbelts because the structure of the bus can evenly distribute the impact of a collision in such a way that passengers are not harmed. However, if the driver loses control and causing the bus to roll over, the wreck could cause life-changing injuries for all occupants.

Collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles are just as dangerous. Most modern buses weigh just as much as a semi-truck. As such, they must follow the same regulations regarding driver training, hours of service laws, maintenance, and have stricter insurance requirements. If a bus hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk or sideswipes a car on the I-80, then the victim could suffer from severe trauma.

At the end of the day, all buses should be operated by fully trained, experienced, and focused drivers. They are responsible for the safety of all passengers as well as other drivers on the road. Failure to obey local Omaha and Nebraska laws can make a driver, and their parent bus company, liable for all injuries.

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Types of Buses in Nebraska

Several bus companies operate throughout Omaha and Douglas County, both public and private. Both groups are expected to follow strict commercial vehicle regulations and obey all traffic laws. The common types of buses that operate in Omaha include:

  • Public buses, such as ORBT and MOBY, operated by the Omaha Metro
  • School buses operated by Omaha Public Schools and Douglas County School District
  • Amtrak motorcoaches, which are overseen by the Secretary of Transportation
  • Intercity buses operated by Burlington Trailways
  • Greyhound motorcoaches
  • Tour buses
  • Buses used for weddings, events, and parties
  • Chartered buses for churches and local organizations

If a driver for one of these companies caused a bus crash, then anyone who was injured, including passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers, may be able to file a claim for full compensation. However, you must first determine who is liable.

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Who Is Responsible for Your Injuries?

Nebraska buses are either owned and operated by government agencies, such as the Omaha Metro or the Omaha Public School District, or private companies, such as Greyhound. Each group has different requirements for filing a claim, but no matter what, if a bus driver caused a wreck, then you deserve full compensation for your injuries. In addition, if another driver is responsible for the accident, then you may be able to file a claim with their insurance company.

The three main groups you can file a claim against are a:

  • Government Bus Company: All public buses are operated by a government agency, which can include a city, county, state, or national agency. If you were injured as a passenger, pedestrian, or another driver in a bus wreck, then you will need to file a government tort claim with the agency that operated the bus.
  • Private Bus Company: Private bus companies can include charter buses for local churches, tour companies, events, parties, weddings, and other private groups. These claims follow the same rules as a standard car crash claim, which means filing a claim with the bus company’s commercial insurance. These policies are more extensive than standard auto insurance and can provide more compensation. You have four years from the date of a wreck to file a claim.
  • Other Drivers: If another driver collided with the bus you were on, you may be able to file a car crash claim with their insurance provider for compensation. The deadline is two years from the date of the wreck.

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Speak With a Dedicated Auto Accident Attorney

We in Omaha justifiably expect all buses to be operated by responsible drivers and overseen by diligent transportation companies. When these drivers and companies fail in their duties, they put everyone on the road at risk of suffering serious injuries.

At Bottlinger Law L.L.C., we are dedicated to serving crash victims throughout Omaha who have been traumatized, disabled, or injured due to negligent bus companies. We have dealt firsthand with the devastation caused by serious vehicle collisions and know how difficult it is to deal with a large insurance company. Instead of taking on your claim alone, reach out to our knowledgeable and compassionate Omaha personal injury attorney. We offer bus crash victims and their families free consultations to discuss their situation. If you choose to work with us, we will use all of our resources to advocate for full compensation for your injuries. Call Bottlinger Law L.L.C. at (402) 505-8234 today and learn how we can represent you after a bus crash.

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