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Speeding is a major contributing factor to motor vehicle collisions in the U.S. It was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in a recent year, killing 9,478 people, as stated by the National Safety Council (NSC). In Nebraska alone, a total of 564 speed-related injury crashes occurred in 2020, 18 of which were fatal, as reported by the Nebraska Department of Transportation (DOT).

What Are the Consequences of Speeding?

Many drivers habitually exceed the speed limit today. Although they are aware of the risks, including traffic tickets, they continue to drive faster than the law allows. Speeding has been a factor in many motor vehicle wrecks over the past two decades. Consequences of speeding include:

  • Less time to react: Speeding reduces the amount of time a driver has in order to react to a dangerous situation.
  • Difficulty stopping in an emergency: The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more stopping distance it requires. Speeding makes it more difficult to react to an emergency situation and stop in time to avoid a crash.
  • Loss of vehicle control: Motor vehicles become more difficult to control or maneuver at higher speeds. This is particularly true when taking curves or turning corners.
  • Increased crash severity: The faster the speed of a vehicle, the greater the impact of a collision. This generally means less protection from guardrails and other road safety structures and injuries that are move severe.

Under What Conditions Is Speeding Particularly Dangerous?

Driving too fast for road conditions can be as dangerous as exceeding the posted speed limit. The National Safety Council reports that, in a recent year, speeding was a factor in fatal crashes for:

  • 43% of drivers on roads with frost or ice
  • 41% on roads with dirt, gravel, or mud
  • 40% on roads with standing or moving water
  • 39% on roads with snow or slush
  • 19% on wet roads
  • 16% on dry roads

What Types of Injuries Are Caused by Speeding Drivers?

Speed-related crashes can cause serious injuries because of the greater impact of the collision. Common injuries caused by speeding and reckless drivers include:

Why Do Drivers Speed?

Speeding is a type of aggressive driving behavior, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Factors that contribute to this behavior include:

  • Traffic congestion: Being stuck in heavy traffic can lead to aggressive driving behavior, such as speeding and frequent lane changes.
  • Time constraints: A person running late for work, or a meeting or appointment is more likely to exceed the speed limit.
  • Feeling of anonymity: A motor vehicle provides some insulation from the outside world. Some drivers are less worried about their behavior when they cannot be seen by others, or when it is unlikely they will ever be seen again by the people around them.
  • Disregard for the law and other motorists: For some people, aggressive driving is their usual driving behavior. This may include speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, and cutting off other drivers.

What Should You Do If You Were Injured or Your Loved One Was Killed by a Speeding Driver in Omaha?

If you were hurt or lost someone you love in a crash caused by a speeding driver, speak with an experienced Omaha auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. You may have a claim for compensation for the losses you have suffered. Contact Bottlinger Law L.L.C. at (402) 505-8234 for effective representation in your injury or wrongful death claim.

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