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E-commerce is here to stay and has been on the rise since the global pandemic. As in every other U.S. city, Bennington residents take advantage of the convenience of online shopping with speedy delivery and have Amazon packages delivered to their doorsteps on a regular basis. Amazon is the nation’s leading online retailer and has fleets of delivery trucks and vans moving products in Bennington and throughout the country. This surplus of delivery trucks and vans on the road can lead to serious Amazon accidents.

If you or your loved one has been hurt in a crash involving an Amazon vehicle, contact Bottlinger Law L.L.C. for dedicated and effective representation. Founding attorney Jason Bottlinger brings 15 years of experience to the firm. He has been named among the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 and awarded membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a group only for attorneys who have won multi-million dollar verdicts, awards, or settlements for their clients. We are here to fight for justice on your behalf after an accident and protect your rights every step of the way.

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How Many Packages Does Amazon Deliver?

Amazon is the biggest player in e-commerce. The company shipped an estimated 7.7 billion packages globally in 2021, as reported by the University of Washington. To handle that kind of volume, a company needs an extensive, coordinated network of manufacturers, warehouses, and vehicles, known as a supply chain. Amazon began delivering packages itself, as opposed to relying on third-party carriers, in 2014. Since that time, its logistics arm has grown to ship 22% of all packages in the U.S.

What Factors Contribute to Amazon Accidents?

Amazon offers customers speedy two-day delivery, and the American people have come to expect it. To meet the demand for fast delivery, operators of Amazon delivery trucks and vans are under intense pressure. They may speed or engage in other unsafe driving behavior due to time pressure or fatigue. Common causes of collisions involving Amazon trucks and vans include:

What Are Amazon’s Policies on Auto Accidents and Insurance?

Amazon has an automobile insurance program for delivery service providers, but it is fine for providers to obtain coverage elsewhere. The company works with a large network of third-party shipping and delivery service companies to make deliveries, and each vehicle must be covered by an auto policy. Amazon requires all third-party partners to carry auto insurance and denies liability for accidents caused by delivery partners whose drivers are not technically employed by the company. Amazon also offers its Flex program, which allows drivers to make deliveries using their personal vehicle. Amazon insures its Flex drivers for liability of up to $1 million for bodily injury and property damage.

How Can a Bennington Lawyer Help After an Amazon Accident?

Recovering compensation for injuries sustained in a crash caused by an Amazon delivery truck or van driver can be a complicated process. Your best chance of recovering maximum compensation is to have an experienced Bennington personal injury lawyer handling your claim. Your attorney can investigate the crash to determine fault and liability and secure evidence to support your claim.

Our investigation may involve visiting the scene of the accident, interviewing eyewitnesses, searching for video evidence of the wreck, gathering information on the Amazon truck or van driver, and working with experts. We can build a strong case based on the evidence, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and fight for the compensation you deserve in court if necessary.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Amazon’s Web—Call Bottlinger Law L.L.C.

At Bottlinger Law L.L.C., our top priority is to restore your peace of mind by doing all we can to ensure you get the best possible result for your case. We are compassionate listeners with a strong work ethic and take pride in helping each client on their path to recovery.

Our Bennington firm has won millions in compensation for our clients, and we’re ready to fight for you. We provide real solutions for real people.

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