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Living and Driving in Papillion-La Vista

Papillion and La Vista are lovely communities, and they’re both great places to raise a family. People in these cities rely on their automobiles to get around.

Over 87 percent of commuters in La Vista drive to work alone, and the average commute time is about 21 minutes. In La Vista, 88 percent of commuters drive to work by themselves, and the average commute time is just over 18 minutes.

Highway 70 is one of the busiest roads in Sarpy County and intersections along 192nd Street, 84th street, and Platteville Road have all been the scene of serious automobile crashes.

Helping You Get the Money You Need to Get Better

When you or your passengers are injured in an automobile collision, it can turn your whole world upside down. Your medical bills and other expenses caused by the accident will begin to pile up. And you may have to take time away from work to focus on your recovery.

If the driver who caused the accident was uninsured or if they were insured but they didn’t have enough coverage to pay your expenses, you could be left holding the bag. The good news is that insurance companies in Nebraska are required to provide all their customers with uninsured/underinsured (UI/UIM) motorist coverage to protect you in these situations.

Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they increase their profits by paying out as little in claims as they can get away with. It can be very difficult to get an insurance company to honor their UI/UIM obligation, especially if you don’t have a Papillion-La Vista car accident attorney by your side.

At Bottlinger Law L.L.C., we know how to stand up to the big insurance companies. Our team will file a claim to help you get all the money you deserve.

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What to Do After an Auto Accident in Papillion-La Vista

We know this is a difficult time, but there are important steps you will want to take after an accident. This will help ensure that you and your passengers are getting the right medical treatment. And it will also be very useful for your Papillion-La Vista personal injury lawyer when they conduct their investigation.

  1. Check to see if anyone in your vehicle requires medical assistance.
  2. Move your vehicle to the side of the road.
  3. Dial 911.
  4. Seek medical attention right away. Some injures such as whiplash and brain injuries may turn out to be more serious than they seem at first.
  5. Follow all your doctor’s treatment recommendations.
  6. Keep copies of all bills, invoices, and receipts related to your medical treatment and other expenses.
  7. Collect contact information from witnesses and all drivers involved in the accident.
  8. If you feel up to it, use your cell phone to record photos of the accident site, vehicle damage, and any injuries sustained by you or your passengers.
  9. Contact a personal injury attorney right away.

How Your Papillion-La Vista Lawyer Can Help

When you are injured in an accident caused by a UI/UIM driver, your insurance company is required to provide you with additional coverage. But they will often do everything they can to deny you coverage.

The insurance company may claim that you were actually responsible the accident. Or they might say that you didn’t follow the right procedures when filing your claim. Another common tactic they use is to say that your treatment was unnecessary or too expensive. Sometimes the insurance company will even try to argue that your injuries weren’t caused by the accident.

At Bottlinger Law, L.L.C., we’ve heard it all before. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation to determine whose negligence caused the accident. Then, we will pursue all available avenues to help you get the money you need to get better.

The damages your attorney seeks in a Papillion-La Vista automobile accident claim may include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • In-home nursing care
  • Wheelchair access for your home
  • Wrongful death

Common Automobile Accident Injuries

An automobile accident may cause devastating injuries that result in astronomical medical bills and other expenses. You may be facing a prolonged period of rehabilitation while you are unable to return to work. Some types of injuries such as brain damage or loss of limb may prevent you from ever resuming your normal daily activities.

Injuries frequently sustained by victims of an automobile crash include:

Were You Harmed by an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver in Papillion-La Vista?

If your insurance company owes you money, we’ll fight them every step of the way. And we’re always prepared to take the other side to court.

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