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As a parent, you work hard to provide for your children’s education, as well as their other physical and emotional needs. This may require long hours at the office, and you may not have anyone from your immediate family to care for your kids during the week. So, you do your research for a day care facility in the Omaha, Nebraska area. You need one that fits your budget and whose hours are compatible with your schedule for getting what you need to get done. Most importantly, a facility must earn your trust because the safety and health of your kids is at stake.

When that trust is broken, and your kids are hurt as a result of a caretaker’s negligent actions, you have every right to be angry. When their protection is compromised and they suffer because of it, you know that someone needs to be held accountable, and you may be wondering how you’ll go about doing that. Be assured that you don’t have to be alone in figuring out how to get the resources to help your son or daughter recover from their injuries.

You can pursue compensation for their injuries if the parties in charge of their care failed to take reasonable steps to prevent their harm. The legal team at Bottlinger Law, L.L.C. may be able to help. Call an Omaha child injury lawyer today at (402) 505-8234 for a free consultation regarding your situation.

The Responsibility of Day Care Workers for Your Child's Safety

Child care is such an integral part of life for many parents across the United States. According to data from Child Care Aware of America in 2014, nearly 11 million children have been enrolled in a form of child care programs. This includes:

  • Child care centers
  • Family child care homes
  • In-home child care where a non-parent looks after the child
  • Preschools

Child care can also unofficially include calling in friends, family, or neighbors to assist with watching over the kids for a certain period of time. When publishing their data on child care, the organization found that nearly two-thirds of infants in the United States were enrolled in a form of child care. The people looking after your child have a significant responsibility. There’s a lot that can go wrong when safety is not a priority, and the state of Nebraska has standards in place that must be met when it comes to this issue.

Child care regulations are issued by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and they cover all things related to the licensing of these facilities. They address the following matters:

  • Provider and staff requirements
  • Application information
  • The outlined process of license and inspection
  • Health and safety standards for children in care

How Your Child Is Most Likely to Be Injured

There may not much data readily available regarding the injuries that a child can experience while under the supervision of a non-parental adult. Some incidents may have gone unreported. What has been documented by the Organization of Child Care in the United States and National Institutes of Health is very concerning to any mother or father. Serious injury and death for a child on a premise with guardians present have included:

Next Steps for You as a Parent

Those who supervise your child while you are unable to do so should meet the highest safety standards and guidelines set forth by the state of Nebraska. They should receive all the proper training in regard to first aid and CPR. Certified staff should be aware of common risks that could seriously harm kids, and they should know how to take steps to prevent a dangerous situation. When workers neglect to take into account your child’s safety, they should be held accountable for their actions and you have the right to pursue compensation.

After your child is injured, seek the medical treatment that they need immediately. You’re going to want to document all of their trauma. To file a personal injury claim, you also need to establish that your child was indeed enrolled at the day care in question. In addition, you’ll need to gather the details of the circumstances that led to what hurt your child. An Omaha day care accident can help you gather needed details.

Contact a Dedicated Omaha Day Care Injury Attorney

No parent should have to get that call that their child was put in harm’s way due to a day care worker’s failure. You may have signed a release form when enrolling them with the facility, but this should not stop you from seeking justice on behalf of your child. An Omaha day care accident attorney can look into the details of your circumstance to determine your legal avenues. You could be entitled to damages for current and future medical treatment, costs related to their rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and more. Get the help that you need before the state deadline of four years for filing your claim expires. Call us today at (402) 505-8234 for a free consultation.

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