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What Was Your Most Memorable Car Accident? Jason Bottlinger Talks About One of His Most Rewarding Cases

By Jason Bottlinger on July 31, 2019

Jason Bottlinger has helped countless individuals recover financial compensation to address their medical expenses and lost earnings following a collision. He works to protect his clients from getting taken advantage of by insurance companies, who frequently pressure victims into accepting a settlement that is much less than what they deserve. Throughout his time helping car accident victims, there’s one case that stands out in his mind. In this video, Jason Bottlinger talks about how he helped a woman get the important medical care she needed after getting hit by a careless driver.

One that comes to mind frequently was a situation where a very nice lady was walking down the street outside her home. She had just had surgery on her leg and she was doing the rehabilitation for it and part of her rehab regiment was getting out and going for a walk. She had just gotten to the point where she was able to actually leave her home and walk down the street and the feeling of freedom that she had from finally not being tied down inside, actually getting out to breathe the fresh air again, and then it was only I think the first or second walk that she had been able to take that a teenager texting on their phone hops the curb, runs into her.

She was devastated. At the time, she wasn’t sure how bad the injury was. It looked like maybe it wasn’t too bad; that maybe she’d recover from it with relatively modest physical therapy, and the other driver’s insurance company keyed to that quickly, and encouraged her to settle her claims for a relatively modest amount. And this nice lady, she felt bad about even coming to talk to a lawyer – she felt guilty, like she had done something wrong by being put in this position, or asking the insurance company to actually be fair with her.

She felt guilty about talking to a lawyer about it, but I’m glad she did, because as we helped her through the process and she went through with her physician’s recommendations for the treatment for her injury, it turned out that she had a much more serious injury than she thought at the initial time. She ended up needing surgery and then needing quite a bit of future care over the portion of her lifetime.

If she hadn’t called us; if she hadn’t called to reach out to a lawyer and talked about the process and what could be done for her, that wouldn’t have been possible. The treatment it turned out she needed wasn’t covered by her health insurance. So if she hadn’t talked to a lawyer, she never would have been able to get that – she never would have gotten back to the place that she was before that person ran into her. But she called us and we were able to make a recovery for her that was many, many, many, many multiples of what the insurance company had initially tried to get her to accept.

As a result of that, she was able to get the medical care that she needed that wasn’t covered by her health insurance, and she was able to restore herself physically to that same quality of life that she was finally getting to experience before she got hit.

That was rewarding for me, getting to see that result, getting to see the transformation in her and get her back on the path to a healthful, restored, and full life.

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