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Cruise Control and Winter Weather Driving

By Jason Bottlinger on February 11, 2024

Never use cruise control on roads that may be slippery due to rainy, icy, or snowy conditions. Cruise control is a helpful technology that makes driving easier, but it should only be used in certain situations. Cruise control is most beneficial when you are traveling along mainly straight stretches of road where traffic is light, and there are many situations where you will want to avoid using it altogether.
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Nebraska Is a Comparative Fault State: What Does That Mean?

By Jason Bottlinger on November 15, 2023

Under Nebraska’s comparative fault laws, negligence in civil cases may be distributed among multiple parties. Each party involved in an incident may be assigned a percentage of fault in vehicle accident cases. Compensation awarded to an injured party may be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to that party. When fault or negligence equals or exceeds 50% for any party, that party is considered chiefly responsible for the incident and not eligible to receive any compensation.
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Your Right to Safety as a Pedestrian in Omaha

By Jason Bottlinger on October 20, 2023

Pedestrians have a right to safety in Omaha. Walking is good for physical health, mental state, and the environment, but negligent drivers can make it dangerous for pedestrians. More than 7,500 people in the U.S. were struck and killed by motor vehicles in 2022, as reported by the New York Times. Pedestrian deaths have reached the highest level in more than 40 years. Now more than ever, pedestrians require legal advocacy.
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What Hidden Injuries Can You Get from a Car Crash?

By Jason Bottlinger on October 10, 2023

Motor vehicle collisions can cause a wide range of injuries, and not all of them are immediately apparent. While broken bones, deep cuts, and other visible injuries may be evident after a crash, other types of injuries may take hours, days, or weeks for symptoms to manifest. Victims of motor vehicle collisions can suffer hidden injuries, including whiplash, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, internal organ damage, and other soft tissue injuries. It is essential to know how to recognize and address these hidden car crash injuries.
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How Amazon’s Policies Push Drivers to Dangerous Extremes

By Jason Bottlinger on July 30, 2023

Amazon is the leading online retailer worldwide. In the U.S. alone, the website gets two billion visits per month. The company is on track to reach $746.22 billion in sales in 2023.

Quick delivery time is one of the features that makes Amazon so popular. The company offers next-day and two-day delivery options for customers hurrying to receive their products. Unfortunately, Amazon’s policies can pressure their drivers, contributing to accidents.
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Nebraska’s Dashcam Laws and Their Effect on Liability

By Jason Bottlinger on June 5, 2023

Dashcam footage can provide powerful evidence in a personal injury claim. In many cases, the footage can give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company. To ensure the footage you have is admissible in court, it is important to obtain consent from everyone in your vehicle before you record their voices if the dashcam records audio. Otherwise, the footage may be inadmissible.
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Why More Vehicles Drive With Lights off at Night

By Jason Bottlinger on May 17, 2023

You may have noticed a recent increase in the number of drivers traveling without their headlights on at night. In the past this dangerous phenomenon was rarely seen on the roads. The reason it has become more common recently is lighted gauge clusters.
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The Driving Threats Posed by St. Patrick’s Day

By Jason Bottlinger on March 10, 2023

One of the most dangerous driving days of the year is right around the corner. In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 with shamrocks, corned beef and cabbage, the wearing of the green, and plenty of green beer and other alcoholic beverages. With parades, pub crawls, and private parties, this is one of the worst days of the year for intoxicated drivers and pedestrians on the roadways.
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How Teenage Drivers Lose Concentration

By Jason Bottlinger on February 23, 2023

Teens in Nebraska can start driving as early as age 14 if they qualify for a school permit. Teen drivers are more likely than adults to cause a wreck. Nationwide, the fatal crash rate per miles driven for teens 16 to 19 years old is nearly three times the rate for drivers ages 20 and older, as stated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
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How Cold Temperatures Make Driving More Dangerous

By Jason Bottlinger on January 20, 2023

It’s no secret that driving in icy and snowy conditions is hazardous. That’s why every driver in Nebraska will want to pack the right supplies for winter driving. There are also effective techniques that make it easier to drive in harsh winter weather.

In addition to making driving a lot more difficult, cold weather also has adverse effects on your car and the way it functions. Automobiles require additional care and maintenance during the cold months to prevent problems that could cause an accident or leave you stranded out in the cold.
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