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How to Know if a Loved One Has Been Arrested in Omaha

By Jason Bottlinger on June 24, 2021

It can be a stressful situation for anyone if someone you love has been arrested. When you think they might have been arrested, but don’t know for sure, that can upset your life even more. In Omaha, there is a way to find out if your loved one is in jail. If he or she has been arrested, you might want to visit to offer support and assistance. This can be done if you go through the proper channels.

Using Inmate Locator to Find a Loved One

The Douglas County Department of Corrections (DCDC) provides an online service known as Inmate Locator. You can go to this site, enter information about your loved one and find out if he or she has been incarcerated. This site also gives you access to information about inmate services and community programs, including the:

  • 24/7 Sobriety Program
  • Pretrial Release Program
  • Work Release Program
  • House Arrest Program
  • Re-entry Assistance Program
  • Corrections Program

Visiting a Loved One in Jail


If you want to visit an inmate, you must register first. This can be done in either of two ways. You can go to the visitation kiosk located in the main lobby of the facility, or you can register online. To be eligible to visit an inmate in jail, you must be at least 18 years of age, and you will be subject to a criminal history check. The department will notify you of your application status by email. Before visiting your loved one, you must have your picture taken in the DCDC lobby.

Schedule Visits

Your visits must be scheduled in advance, by midnight the night before the requested time. Main jail visits cannot exceed 30 minutes, and Community Justice Center (CJC) visits are limited to 60 minutes.

Check In Early

To have the full allotted visiting time with your loved one, you will need to check in ahead of time. If you arrive late for a visit at the CJC, your visit will be cancelled.

Limit on Number of Visits

Inmates in the main jail are allowed four personal onsite visits and six personal remote (online) visits per week. CJC inmates are only allowed two personal onsite visits per week.

Remote Visits

There is a fee for remote internet visits – $0.40 per minute or $12 for a 30-minute block of time. Remote visitors are not permitted to check in earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the visit.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are posted on the DCDC website. However, times are subject to change and not all times may be available.

Dress Code

Yes, there is a dress code when you go to the jail for a visit. See through garments, super short skirts, dresses, and shorts, halter tops, tube tops, backless tops, low-cut tops, tank tops, spaghetti string tops, midriff or undergarment-exposing tops – none of these are allowed. The list goes on.

Rights of Family Members and Visitors

Family members and people close to an inmate do have a right to visit, provided they pass the criminal history check, dress appropriately, and follow all the rules. The DCDC website has a FAQ page that answers questions about matters such as contacting an inmate in an emergency, posting bonds or fines, and placing money in an inmate’s account.

To ensure your rights are protected, and those of your loved one, get in touch with an experienced Omaha criminal defense lawyer. At Bottlinger Law L.L.C., we are compassionate listeners and effective litigators. Contact us at (402) 505-8234 for assistance if someone you love has been arrested.


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