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Driving in Bad Weather? Check Your Shoes!

By Jason Bottlinger on November 2, 2017

While your shoes may not be the first thing you think about before driving into a rainstorm or snowstorm, they can have a big impact on the safety of your driving.

With such rough weather in the winters here in Nebraska, it is important to make sure you have shoes that allow you to keep control of your vehicle. When walking around in heavy snow boots, for example, you should consider having a second pair of lighter shoes to change into for driving. You should also have sturdy, comfortable shoes available for walking, just in case your car breaks down and you need to trot along to a service station.

How Shoes Impact Driving

You might not really think about your shoes while driving in a snowstorm, but they do matter. Besides the steering wheel, the other major way in which you control your vehicle is through the pedals you use for acceleration, braking, and shifting gears. If you are wearing heavy boots with snow and ice packed into the bottom treads, it can be hard to push the pedals, and melting snow might make your gas and brake pedal slippery. Changing into lighter, dry shoes can make it easier to drive. Making solid contact with these pedals ensures you are able to increase and decrease your speed appropriately. If your feet slip, you can easily end up in a collision rather than coming to a stop.

Once you recognize the importance of your shoes, then you can choose the right shoes to drive in. Generally, you want something comfortable that allows you to remain in control of the vehicle. Lighter shoes are better than heavy boots, which can make it hard to judge how much pressure you are placing on the pedals. You also want to be sure you have shoes with a good grip on the bottom, which allows you to keep your feet on the pedals securely and not slip off. When in doubt, it’s okay to drive barefoot. It’s legal in all 50 states, and even recommended over “precarious high heels or unreliable flip-flops.”

Shoes for an Emergency

Keep a pair of shoes in your vehicle specifically for driving. And, as you might wear lighter shoes while driving that are not ideal for walking, it is a good idea to have a sturdy pair to change into if your car breaks down. This gives you an option for walking in snow or other rough conditions while protecting your feet.

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