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Be Extra Careful with Motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous types of road accidents. This is because the design of the vehicle is made for speed and not necessarily for the protection of the driver. That means they are usually light weight and offer no guard or protection for the driver, so during an accident, the driver is more likely to be severely injured. These injuries can be costly and even cause death in some cases.

Nebraska Department of Transportation reports that in 2019, there were 25 deaths that equated up to $38 million dollars in settlements. In each of the last few years, Fremont traffic accidents specifically have claimed the lives on 2-4 individuals or so. If you’ve been hurt or injured in a motorcycle accident, than you need to contact a lawyer immediately. The experienced Fremont injury lawyers at Bottlinger Law L.L.C. understand motorcycle accident law and will fight for your compensation. Contact the accomplished attorneys at today at (402) 505-8234 for a consultation.

Car Accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents

Traffic accidents can happen between a multitude of vehicles, however, there is a big difference in the damage that can happen. Cars, trucks, and vans are all more heavily protected vehicles with more powerful engines so even a low-speed collision with these vehicles can be very damaging to a lightweight motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents have a fatality rate that is 30 times higher than car accidents. Overall, motorcycle accidents have an 80% injury or death rate.

High Maneuverability Can Mean More Danger

So why else are motorcycles so dangerous? Here are some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents:

Lane Splitting. Lane splitting is not legal in Nebraska and presents highly dangerous situations when drivers do it anyway.

Low Visibility. Motorcycles are small and fast so they can be difficult to see, especially at night or in the dark. Drivers must always be aware of everything on the road to keep themselves and others safe however they can.

Collisions with Fixed Objects on the Road. Some reports claim that 25% of motorcycles fatalities happen a rider strikes a sitting object.

Dangerous Roads. Hazardous roads conditions such as crumbling pavement, debris, or construction work all can a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents tend to slip more easily because they move so quickly.

Motorcycle Defects. Sometimes a rider has had modifications made to their vehicle that can malfunction or a defect can come from the manufacturer. When this happens, the rider or manufacturer can be held liable for damages.

What Are the Most Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycles typically give their drivers no protection on the road. These are the common injuries that riders suffer from on the road:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries. These types of injuries can cause permanent disability or paralysis.
  • Internal Injuries. Damage to your internal organs can be extremely dangerous because it can cause internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can be deadly if it is unnoticed.
  • Lower-extremity injuries. Leg injuries are a very common in motorcycles accidents due to their soft tissues and delicate bones.
  • Fractures. Motorcycles can not stand up straight on their own so when they fall over at any speed, their weight can sometimes be enough on its own to fracture bones in the arms and legs.
  • Road Rash. Serious damage can happen when the skin makes contact with the road and friction is created. The result can be a serious burn or scarring.

What You Should Do After a Fremont Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident in Fremont, you should seek medical attention right away, even if you feel OK. Long-term damage can sometimes take hours to take effect and you may not notice it right away. Then, before you accept a settlement from anyone, talk to an attorney. The hard-working attorneys at Bottlinger Law L.L.C. will defend your case and earn you the payout you deserve. Call (402) 505-8234 for a free consultation.

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